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We are a group of volunteers who prepare a weekly recording of articles taken from the local newspaper on the day of publication. Each edition also includes other local information and topics that are of interest to our listeners. The recording is placed in a yellow zipped pouch and is in the post that evening for delivery the following day. In addition, the recording is  accessible the same day via the Talking Newspaper App for Android and Apple smart devices and Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The charity has a committee of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two independent trustees together with two support members and two listener representatives.

Mrs Bethan Cross – Chair

Margaret Kynaston - Secretary

Mrs Christine Kendal

Mrs Gwyneth Cliffe

Mrs Celia Todd - Treasurer

Mr Eric Evans

Lyn Stapeley

We have teams who cover various aspects of the process.

They consist of, distributors, technicians, readers and a publicity team.


Collect the returned pouches from the Royal Mail sorting office. Remove the returned memory sticks and prepare the pouches for the new recording. This takes approximately one hour. They then reload the pouches with the memory sticks with the new edition and return them to the sorting office for delivery.

Recording Technicians

Recording Technicians are responsible for recording and duplication on to memory sticks.  This takes place at our recording studio in the Guildhall between 1.30 and 4 pm.


Each week two readers are provided with odd or even pages of the Advertizer newspaper. They then select items to read that are relevant to the areas in which our listeners live. They attend between 1.45 and 3.00 pm.


This team consists of a Social Media Secretary responsible for keeping the website up to date and others who are responsible for promoting the services of the organisation.  For example, attending local events, distributing leaflets and posters, organising and running fund raising events and giving talks about what we do.